Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is School360?

    School360 is an Educational Institue Management Software. It is capable of easing out the administrative work of an institution.

  • It is a web-based software. Hosted in the cloud. This enables a user to acces their accounts through any device with internet on it.

  • School360 is provided to clients as a SaaS(Software as a server) model. So, no we are not selling it.

  • School360 has been developed in-house. And is a sole property of Spate Initiative Limited.

  • The price of the software actually depends on various factors such as (no of students, institute type, institute location etc). We want everyone to use the software easily at a reasonable price.

  • Upon Agreement, it can be decided by both ends when to pay for the service. It can be monthly, quarterly or even yearly.

  • Since it's a cloud-hosted service, Internet connection is a must. But our data-usage friendly, so it's also mobile data friendly.