School360-The House of Entrepreneurs

People dream, some dreams big and some dreams small. But in the end, we all do dream. And dreams create Entrepreneurs. We believe in helping people make their dream come true. Thus this platform, a place where people shares dream and everyone comes together to make it a reality.

We have a Vision

Bangladesh being a third world country, recently started its journey to full-scale digitalization. But even though we are at full speed digitalization, we lack behind in one sector. That's trained resource. We believe that Bangladesh is now a major powersource for resources, because the average age is around 27-29. But yet not everyone is knowledgeable on the side of Information Technology. And that's where we see ourselves, guiding the young generation to thrive for the nation!

Our Mission

Starting from the rural areas, we would like to create Entrepreneurs in their locality. People loves to work for themselves, and with the right mindset, they are enough to make the country reach its potential. And we will guide them inorder make themselves established in their own locality in the sector of IT. Making each Entrepreneurs and building an Entrepreneurial is our Mission to make the country reach its digital benchmark of Vision 2021 & 2041